Posted June 14th, 2010 by Robin Snow

Initial Requirements and Overview

  • You must have unlimited long distance on your land line phone…no cell phones, they aren’t reliable enough.
  • Ideally you should have high-speed internet
  • You will also need Microsoft Excel, or other program that will read and edit Excel spreadsheet files (Open Office spreadsheet works too)
  • You will be sent a spreadsheet with customer/store information, a copy of these instructions, a script that clients may use, and a Contact list for support
  • You will need to have Skype and the MX Skype recorder downloaded on your computer.

Instructions for Skype/Recorder Set-up

Skype Set-up

  • Go to
  • Download the free service
  • Purchase the $2.95/month service, which gives you unlimited calling to the US and Canada
  • Install and it is ready to use

MX Skype Recorder Set-up

  • Go to
  • Download the 30-day free trial, or go ahead and purchase the $14.95 Standard Version
  • Install
  • Go to File – Settings (It is already programmed for Autorun to remain ON, but you can change this as needed. Now, when you make a call from Skype, it will automatically be recorded. The file will be stored in a folder called Call Recordings, but you are free to use a folder of your choosing.)
  • Also, while in Settings, click on the tab labeled Encoder. The default settings should be mp3 settings, so you will not need to change anything. However, you MUST ensure that the box next to Dual Audio Track remains UNCHECKED.
  • Do some practice calls and record them to ensure the quality of the calls is the best it can be. You may find that you need to adjust the volume of your headset and computer a bit to ensure the highest quality. (NOTE: ALWAYS do a practice call or two BEFORE making real calls.)
  • Remember to make sure that the recorder program is running before you make a call on Skype, as you will not be able to press the record button once the call has begun. However, you can stop the recording at any point during a call.

Instructions for making calls

  • Check time zone and call within normal business hours for that zone
  • Recalls MUST be made on a different day at a different TIME of day.
  • Ask the prepared question for each calling session, be careful to state the question exactly as you received it.
  • Review the script for the group you are calling. If they do not follow the script, wrap up the call as soon as you politely are able to do so.
  • Do not be helpful, be vague, let them do the selling, responses with OK and a few seconds of dead air should prompt them on, if not thank them and say goodbye
  • Make up a different name each month and try to vary your tone so that they don’t recognize you.
  • Be polite and professional – NO TV, screaming kids, dogs, etc. in the background. If someone asks if you’re a mystery caller, introduce yourself and say that you’re with the Chris Mullins Group. Thank them for their business’s participation. If a person is confrontational for any reason, don’t engage or argue, be agreeable and end the call as soon as politely possible.