Posted February 3rd, 2011 by Robin Snow

Monkey Business for Today's Phone Weary Office:
"Hear/Speak/See No Evil and Take Friday Off!"


Monkey Business Book ImageBy: Chris Mullins

The Phone Sales Doctor™

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Dan Kennedy says:

"This book zeroes in on several “elephants in the room” either willfully ignored or mysteriously invisible to most owners, notably the handling of all the inbound calls to their office: prospective customers responding to advertising, referrals, present and past customers.

This is an important book."

Dan Kennedy,


Lee Milteer says:

Monkey Business is an excellent and very worthy read highly recommend this book to give you the know-how and scripts to make your business more successful.

She will also remind you of the steps you can take to make sure your staff is prepared mentally, physically and emotionally to do a great job for you. for all business owners and entrepreneurs. We tend to be the worst at training our own staff and expect them to be mind readers.

Chris gives detailed steps on how to train your staff, from answering the phone to selling your services. I

~ Lee Milteer, author of Success Is an Inside Job, Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling and the Millionaire Mindset Coaching Program


Pete Lillo says:

I highly recommend Chris Mullins’ book for any office that is serious about telephone skills management and getting the most productivity out of office personnel.

After 38 years in business, I know that this is a crucial element in building a successful business and maintaining a positive atmosphere in interoffice communications.

Very few teach this much-needed training and Chris is a real professional with a track record of success with many companies throughout the US. Chris Mullins can make your office a productive winner.

~ Pete Lillo, President, Kennedy-Lillo Associates,Pete Lillo & Associates,


Robert Skrob says:

For too many businesses, the owner underestimates the amount of training necessary for employees to handle telephone calls well.

There is too much money spent on marketing, sales and attending events so that new customers will call the office to allow the phones to get answered haphazardly.

This book does a great job in teaching the essential techniques and insights necessary so employees can master this important business development tool.

~ Robert Skrob, CPA, Business Talk Radio,


Dan Cricks says:

I recently held my in person 2 day mastermind session with my Quantum Leap members and there was a lot of discussion about how they scored on their mystery shop calls.

They were needling each other about how bad they were. The bottom line was they all realized that they needed to improve it and are aware of it now. It is a priority for them and they are working on it.

The conversation was all positive.

More good news, I just hung up with John McElroy and his comment was that one of the best things that he took from the Summit was getting involved with your program. He said he used to think did pretty good until listening to you! He loves your stuff and is working hard to improve his calls.

~ Dan Cricks, Results Marketing LLC, Quantum Leap Guru for Automotive Repair Shops