Posted June 14th, 2010 by Robin Snow

Dan Kennedy Speaks About Mullins

"Chris Mullins expertly and ably attacks a very significant problem area costing almost every business large sums: the handling of inbound telephone calls. Business owners and corporations spend huge amounts of money making that phone ring, then invest little or no serious effort at insuring each type of call is handled properly and professionally. I have urged clients of mine to utilize Chris, her programs and her team to work on this – and seen the profitable results."


Chris Mullins is President and founder of Mullins Media Group™, a communications and consulting firm specializing in motivational speaking, team building, consultation, sales training, customer service training, management and leadership training, telemarketing sales training and management consultant.

Mullins big focus is "THE RELATIONSHIP FIRST BUSINESS SECOND MINDSET" Looking over the business owners shoulder while supporting and coaching  the staff to excel at each point of communication with customers and  prospects Mullins calls this Sales Moments(tm). Mullins and Team Inspects What You Expect from the front of the office to the back.

Her background is in the publishing industry with 20 years of experience in both reorganizing and creating successful sales and customer service departments.
Chris delivers no-nonsense, high-energy, interactive seminars that cover topics such as sales, customer service, leadership, team building, telemarketing, personal and professional growth.

A published author, Chris has been a regular contributor to numerous industry publications as well as self-empowerment books including A Second Chicken Soup for Woman's Soul, Selling Power Magazine, Publisher’s Auxiliary, TeleProfessional Magazine, It's About Business and Business Beat.

Pictured to the left: Chris Mullins wrote the story "Police Woman" in Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul 2; was featured in Success Magazine: "Woman in Business – Wait it out!," Selling Power Magazine: "How to manage and strengthen your dream sales team?," Teleprofessional Magazine: "Building Your Team," Selling Power Magazine "Expert Advice: Dialing for Dollars"