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Your Marketing Will Get Them to Call,
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Is someone in your office answering the phone like this?


Spending the last few weeks putting together bonuses and
preparing for launch date has been a lot of work but quite
a bit of fun as well :)

As I mentioned in many of my previous emails, I LOVE helping
business owners.  The Gold Newsletter is the product of my
desire to help as many business owners as possible realize their
dreams by teaching them how to turn tire kickers into buyers
over the phone!

Today marks the very moment you made the decision to
turn your business around.  No longer will you spend thousands
of dollars in marketing every month just to have the ball dropped
and customers lost by the mishandling of calls.

Think about that for a moment......

So many of us spend a lot of time and money on the marketing
and advertising of our business.  But if your phone staff can't
get the appointment, doesn't ask for a prospects contact info,
or, even worse, turns the prospect totally off by their phone
demeanor, all the marketing in the world won't make a difference!

In fact, bad phone handling WILL cause your marketing expenses
to go up!
  Low conversion rates over the phone mean you have
to add that many more people into the funnel each day, week, month! 

But when your staff is properly trained you will convert more calls
into patients, clients, customers.  You will realize a larger return
on investment for the marketing dollars spent!

Investment in the training you will receive through your Gold Membership,
in most cases, will more than pay for itself even if you only
convert 1 extra call a month! 

How much more will your business grow if you can convert 2 more,
5 more, or even 10 or more prospects every month?

You can't afford to let this opportunity pass you by!



Your Monthly Membership Includes my Exclusive
Gold Membership Newsletter

Now, you may be thinking "What makes this newsletter so different from
the multitude of newsletters out there?"  Good question! 

Let me take a few minutes to explain  why your business will prosper and
your staff will thrive by reading and applying the strategies in the
Gold Newsletter:


  • The Gold Newsletter is 8 pages of meat every month.  
    No fluff, no filler.

  • Raw material, all how to. You will receive raw transcripts from mystery
    calls, consultations with clients, and interviews.  All raw transcripts so you
    don't miss a single nugget!  These transcripts will include Lost sales
    opportunities, horror stories, critiques, how to close a sale, and
    making an appointment.

  • Seminar in print.   The Gold Membership Newsletter is literally a seminar in print.  Traveling to seminars can be costly and time consuming.  I condense the meat you would get in a seminar into 8 power packed pages at
    a fraction of the cost of attending a seminar each month!

  • Sales training in every issue. Your marketing gets them to call, I teach
    you how your front desk can close them!  Stop wasting your marketing
    dollars just to have your front desk staff drop the ball!

  • Workbook. Each issue gives you steps you can take immediately to start
    turning your business into a  profit machine!  This is not theory, but proven
    tactics.  The steps are there for you to follow!

  • Learn from other students and client.  As mentioned above you will be
    reading raw material, straight from transcripts and consultations. You will
    realize that you have many of  same issues others have and will find your
    answers in print!

  • Direct and to the point. I don't dance around the issue.  All the articles
    in the newsletter are distilled down to the learning points and the direct 
    messages you will advantage from the most

  • Success attitudes.  I can give you all the strategies in the world but they
    won't do you any good if you have a bad business attitude.  Each issue will
    address different aspects of having a "success attitude".

  • Scripts.  This one alone is worth your subscription!  Scripts can make
    or break your phone conversions.  When on script your staff stays focused.
    Scripts also are helpful if you have staff turn over.  Proven scripts take the
    guess work out of your phone handling! You will find example scripts in the
    Gold Newsletter that you can adapt to your own staff!

  • Guest authors every month.  Each month I will bring in at least one no 
    nonsense, sharp guest author so you can take advantage of their perspective
    and expertise.  Only the best marketers are invited to participate, I do
    not allow anything in that is not Top Notch and extremely valuable to you!




Gold CD's - Each month's Gold Membership Newsletter will be also sent to you via a CD where I read the newsletter to you!  Don't have time to sit and read?? 
Simply pop the Gold CD into your player on your way to and from work!

Chris Mullins' Gold Membership
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To celebrate your joing my Gold Membership
I am giving YOU the following bonuses:

BONUS #1  Autographed copy of my book:

As I stated in an earlier email, I love helping businesses
and want to give you as many tools as possible so you
can start making money from your phones!

So, I have decided that anyone who subscribes to the
Gold Newsletter will receive a FREE autographed copy of my
book "Monkey Business For Today's Phone Weary Office
Hear/Speak/See No Evil and Take Friday Off!"
(Valued at $24.95)

This book is an essential Training tool for both front office and
you, the business owner. 

In the book I teach the concept of relationship first, business

Probably the most valuable part of this book is what I cover
about Scripting and how to write a script.  This is a workable
guide that will take you step by step through the phone handling

In fact this book is so valuable that I had a Doctor recently call
me and state that he needed more books for the rest of his staff! 

He saw how well it was working and wanted to be sure
everyone that handled the phone had the same training!


BONUS #2  Free Mystery Call Every Quarter!

Ok, so when you become a Gold Member you will
have a very clear map of where you need to go with your
phone handling.

But even the best maps can be useless unless you know where
you are to begin with!

Find out where you are with my 2nd bonus:

1 Free Mystery Call  and Diagnostic Consult Live with Chris Mullins EVERY Quarter!
(Value $197)

You DON'T want to miss this bonus!

Here is what you can expect during your Free Mystery Call and Diagnostic
Consult Live with Chris Mullins:

1.  You and I will speak briefly about what you want from your Mystery Call.
Do you have a specific time you want me to call, a certain person you want
me to talk to, or a specific scenario you think may be getting handled wrong?

We will discuss all this during our first, short call.

2.  Next I will preform the Mystery call according to what we discussed.

3.  After the call is completed we will schedule a one on one consult call.
I will play the call for you and we will discuss what went well and where
there is room for improvement.  I guarantee you will walk away with clear
ideas of what can be done to improve the handling of your phones!

4.  After the one on one call I will then send you a digital copy of our one
on one session so you can constantly refer back to it.

Act Now!!!  Your Business future depends on it!

Chris Mullins' Gold Membership
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