Posted August 20th, 2010 by Robin Snow

If you are ready to take your business to the next level of excellence Chris Mullins and Great Bottom Line will deliver the formula for your success.
As you already know, businesses or practices accept phone calls or return calls each and every day and the handling of those calls directly impacts your profitability. It is essential to know how these calls are handled and to train staff to communicate in a way that maximizes your marketing and advertising dollars. Our approach has been EXCLUSIVELY DEVELOPED, TESTED AND LEGALLY PROTECTED so that you may benefit and set yourself apart from your competition. Our secret technique will make each call generate more dollars. We offer solutions that result in a more efficient office, happier staff and increased productivity. Find out now how you can grow your business or practice automatically!

We Specialize In:

Nothing is more essential to the success and growth of your company than the satisfaction of your customers.

Chris Mullins offers a full-range of services, including consultation, training, online seminars and motivational seminars. With over 20 years experience in the publishing industry. Chris Mullins is uniquely qualified to create a customized program specifically suited to your needs.

We’ve expanded our cutting-edge, custom and off-the-shelf training programs. Our “fast turnarounds” programs are available in a variety of formats: in-person/on-site boot camps, online with “real-time” chat or TeleSeminar. TeleConsulting is also available through our management consultation services.

Our product line includes newsletters devoted to Sales, Leadership, Telemarketing and Customer Service. Other media offerings include eZines, reports, manuals, niche e-mail newsletters and training programs. Additionally, we feature popular ready-to-use Toolkits & Survival Systems for Leaders and Salespeople.

Our specialized Career and Recruitment division includes job postings, job search and resume posting services for professional to senior executive level careers. Job seekers will benefit from our Career Broker Program, following up with, and marketing you to companies within your desired field or employment.

Our target marketing and advertising programs include recruitment, trade show/conference marketing, e-mail marketing solutions, information marketing, branding and copywriting.